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Three Tales of a Very Windy Town


Collection of Short Stories.
 Bulgarian Kindle ebook in Amazon.
* Short Story David’s Child was awarded in 2010 – VIII National Bulgarian Competition for short stories organized by LiterNet & eRunsMagazine
*In the Beginning Was the Subway – was awarded in the national SF short story contest held by the Human Library Foundation.

електронна книга за Киндъл в Амазон


The Zen Revolter – short stories


The Zen Revolter

Lyubomir Nikolov

Copyright 2011 by Lyubomir Nikolov


David’s Child

In the Beginning Was the Subway

For Noah and soccer tables


Tree tales of a Very Windy Town

Smokini  – Trivial Delirium

* David’s Child was awarded in 2010 – VIII National Bulgarian Competition for short stories organized by LiterNet & eRunsMagazine

*In the Beginning was Subway – awarded in the national SF short story contest held by the Human Library Foundation

David’s Child

I was roaming the basements near the Arts Academy, looking for David. From the depths of smelly holes pretending to be shops, chubby saleswomen shrugged me off. „Oh, David isn’t here. Nobody has seen him since that woman butchered his canvasses.“, said one. „Who knows, he may even be dead“, opinionated another. Nobody knew a thing.

I was searching for David because a friend of mine wished to buy his paintings with the cross-eyed child. The very ones Sonya destroyed with a knife. Everyone here knew the story – every painter, everyone who sheltered in the basements, every saleswoman’s lover heard it and passed it along further. During the second day after David’s exhibition opened, Sonya had sneaked into the gallery and cut to pieces the paintings with the cross-eyed child. It was their child with David, as she said. Most of the paintings were of her and the child. Sonya hugging the baby, or breastfeeding him, or pulling his hair, and even holding the child upside down by his feet. The baby was about a year and a half old, intelligent, with sharp, penetrating eyes. Eyes like fish-hooks – biting, drilling, never letting go. But the baby was cross-eyed. Just a little bit cross-eyed, Sonya thought, but in David’s paintings there was a horribly cross-eyed child, painted without a trace of love, coldly, as if it was a still life composition, say, a carcass of a rabbit next to a bottle of Burgundy in a basket. When Sonya saw the old gallery guard napping on his chair, she ripped the paintings with a scalpel and ran away. The guard did not noticed.

The next day David went to the gallery and started stitching up the remains. He sewed them coarsely with a needle and tread, the way one repairs an old sack, not a painting. Now the…..

Best Book Titles

Best Book Titles according to Goodreads

1 Do Androids Dream of Electr... Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep? 
by Philip K. Dick
4.01 of 5 stars 4.01 avg rating — 80,457 ratings

2 Pride and Prejudice and Zom... Pride and Prejudice and Zombies 
by Seth Grahame-Smith
3.25 of 5 stars 3.25 avg rating — 47,408 ratings


3 Something Wicked This Way C... Something Wicked This Way Comes 
by Ray Bradbury
3.94 of 5 stars 3.94 avg rating — 32,733 ratings


….and so on

Електронните книги бележат бум през 2013 г.

Четците стават все по-евтини, пробиват автори с много приятели в социалната мрежа

Беглият преглед на новините, отнасящи се до електронните книги, не може да не събуди интереса и на най-закоравелия Нетизен (интернет гражданин). Според статистиката на всеки 100 печатни книги Amazon продава 105 електронни и съотношението с всяка година драстично ще се променя в полза на е-книгите. Делът на електронните книги спрямо печатните през 2010 г. е бил 3.9%, а се очаква през 2013 да достигне 12.7%. Един впечатляващ ръст.

Жителят на интернет, свикнал на всякакви дигитални революции, вече се убеди, че появата на е-книгите ще е за дълго, а може би и завинаги. Дигиталното съдържание не се изтърква от употреба. Това, което се случва в момента, е наистина интересно. Броят на Kindle книгите в е-книжарницата на Amazon днес е 1 760 000. В електронните книжарници на Barnes and Nobel, iTunes, Kobo, Sony Reader Store и много други са изложени още няколко милиона от същите е-книги, които имат двумилиардна аудитория. Покупката на е-книга е на клик разстояние….

Цоглавец – в Айтюнс

Сборник избрани хумористични разкази









Ebook Publisher Power Rankings: Random and Penguin on Top

Ebook Publisher Power Rankings: Random and Penguin on Top


It’s a great feat for a publisher to have even one book make a best-seller list. Below is a list of the publishers who have made the Digital Book World Ebook Best-Seller List since its launch in mid-Aug. — and how many times they’ve each made the list….

November 5, 2012 | Jeremy Greenfield

Лунатици – в iTunes

Лунатици – в Айтюнс

„Лунатици” включва осемнадесет разказа  – съвременни, грабващи и неочаквани; промъкнали се някак пред зоркия поглед на редакторите на Капитал Лайт.

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