Field of Life and Field of Mind

by Lyubomir Nikolov

Can we assume that consciousness is able to influence the environment by means of  mysterious mind fields? By definition of fields – yes. Consciousness is a field process. The electro-encefalogram / EEG/  registers alpha, delta and theta waves corresponding to certain psycho-physiological conditions. Thoughts, ideas, emotions fired from the bombardment  of the outside world are altering brain functioning. Brain waves associated with brain functioning are significantly connected with specific conscious or subconscious processes. By definition of field they are traveling outside the skull and such brain/consciousness fields are directly influencing the environment.

In Aikido, Zen and Yoga practices a direct connection is proved between discipline and desire on one hand and bodily functions on the other. Modern psychotherapy shows that a drug (chemical) treatment induces changes in consciousness but also the opposite is true – some mental practices are affecting chemistry of the body. Techniques of  biological feedback show that specifically targeted influence can not only control the different autonomous body functions such as skin temperature, pain, etc.., but also to influence more complex processes as the recovery of the body.

The physical spectrum of  human mind fields is currenty undetectable with the equipment we have, because this equipment is designed to measure the physical characteristics of the known fields. Mind fields are subtle energy fields.


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