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Collection of short stores
  Short stories to grab you. From the award wining author of „Karoi – the rope dancer“ here is a new collection of contemporary, professionally told stories. The story „DAVID’S CHILD“ received LiterNet award, and „“In the Beginning Was the Subway“ was awarded in a competition organized by Human Library Foundation.
price   $2.99  
format: ePub
language: English
Have you been in Sunny Beach. Have you seen the extacasy of multiligual crouds. My funniest novel. Real page turner. „Sunny Beach – code yellow“ is a sparklingly humorous novel for holiday life and wickedly funny adventures of Tristan Kolev in Sunny Beach Resort – Bulgaria. A must-have book for those who love to laugh, written from the Chudomir Award winner.

price   $2.99 
format: PDF
language: English
Theatrical Play
The FUTURE is NOW. What are you going to do with your Facebook profile when you perish. What will happen with your blogs? Is there a part of your personality that will outlive you? The Netizen is theatrical play nominated in National Playwriting Competiton for Bulgarian Drama. A modern play for five actors.

price   $2.99  
format: Mobi
language: Bulgarian
Били ли сте в Слънчев бряг? Виждали ли сте екстаза на мултиезичните тълпи?
„Слънчев бряг – код жълто” е най-веселият ми роман.
Въпреки, че е облякъл униформата на роман, действието в книгата се развива светкавично, като в борбата сумо. Дебелаци постоянно изхвърчат от дохьото, така че, пазете се.

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For all inquiries: lpnikolov( at )gmail.com
За всички запитвания: lpnikolov( at )gmail.com

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